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Natural swimming POOLS

Natural swimming pools, swimming ponds or ‘living pools’ are increasing in popularity around the world.

The concept started in Europe in the 1980's and has since spread to many other countries, including Australia and the U.S.A. ​

While conventional pools are generally sanitised with chlorine, killing all living organisms in the water, natural pools are bustling with good bacteria or 'life'. This presents a whole other level of swimming experience, and offers a unique connection between the swimmer and water.
Aquatic plants, marginal plants and even small trees are planted in the water to feed on the nitrates produced by the bacteria, and help prevent string and single cell algae from growing. ​

Bio filtration, as used in aquaculture, home fish tanks and aquaponics, plays a key role in this type of pool. Suitable gravel is most commonly used in the biofilter to provide a large surface area for the bacteria to grow on.

Water slowly circulates through the gravel allowing the bacteria to process the water, with the end product being nitrates, which is food for plants.These pools are not maintenance free, and still require vacuuming as well as plant maintenance and cleaning of fine filters, if fitted. However there are no chemicals ever added to the water which saves a lot of money over the years.

Our pools

Riverwater Pools can build a home swimming pool that regenerates unsanitised water that is almost
identical biologically and chemically, to that of the pristine waters of the upper reaches of the King, Mitta, Murray, and Swampy Plains rivers. 


This type of pool is the real deal for organic & chemical-free, living water swimming.

Albury, NSW

Big Hill, NSW

Albury, NSW 

Talgarno, VIC