Why a natural swimming pool?

A natural swimming pool harnesses natures’ own processes to produce clean, clear water safe for everyday use. Natural pools are...

  • An oasis in your backyard
  • Environmentally friendly and human friendly
  • Clean, crystal clear water naturally
  • No chlorine, chemicals, no ozone or additives. Ever.
  • Soft on the skin and hair
  • Low maintenance, low power consumption 

How natural swimming pools work

Natural swimming pools produce clean, fresh water without the addition of any chemicals. 

They use naturally occurring micro organisms as well as plants and mechanical filtration to produce clean, clear water.

Typically, for Australian conditions, two separate bodies of water are used. One is for swimming and the other is a regeneration zone for bio filtration and aquatic plants which consume nitrates produced by the micro organisms.

Water continually recirculates throughout the system using a low power pump which ensures the survival of the micro organisms 

Natural swimming pools aim for a very low nutrient level in the recirculating system.




embracing nature

Riverwater Pools - Natural PoolRiverwater Pools - Natural PoolRiverwater Pools - Natural PoolRiverwater Pools - Natural Pool

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